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GPS – more than just directions.

Maybe you’ve only used GPS to get from point A to B. But GPS can do a lot more than just give you directions. Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis® uses GPS technology to revolutionize the way you manage your fleet, helping you to cut costs and boost productivity.

GPS works by using a GPS receiver (or “black box”) that hides under the dashboard, so all your fleet vehicles can be tracked in real-time. The data is collected, stored and processed using a web-based application from Telogis that converts all your fleet data into an easy-to-use dashboard and meaningful customizable reports.

Crew Chief can be factory-installed with any of the following new Ford trucks purchased through your local Ford dealership: F-150, Super Duty, E-Series and Transit Connect. Crew Chief is also available for retro-fitting on your existing fleet vehicles.

It’s what you know that makes the difference.

You can’t manage what you’re not measuring. Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis® changes all that. With detailed vehicle metrics on a wide range of attributes from airbag faults to oil life remaining, nothing will escape your notice.

Monitoring vehicle metrics can save your fleet a lot of money, helping you to avoid expensive mechanical failures or unsafe working conditions that can be a huge liability. For example, sensors can detect and alert you to water in the fuel tank. Water is incredibly damaging to diesel engines, corroding injectors and quickly causing irreparable damage. Early detection is your best form of protection, as even water separators are not always effective.

Another metric is excessive idling. Idling gets 0 mpg and is often needless and wasteful. Some fleets have saved thousands of dollars by knowing which drivers and vehicles were idling excessively.

For the full list of vehicle metrics you can measure, monitor and manage, see Editions.

Oil Life Remaining

Oil Life (% remaining)

With oil life monitoring you’ll know if a vehicle is in need of a service, promoting trouble-free motoring and less downtime.

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

Real-time alerts when the tire pressure warning light is activated. Low tire pressure can reduce fuel economy and affect vehicle handling.

Driver Insurance

Driver Insurance (expiring)

Keep tabs on your driver’s insurance expiration dates, ensuring you are operating in compliance.


DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code)

Maintaining the health of your fleet is always a priority. Remotely manage your vehicles with real-time visibility into the DTCs.

Engine Coolant Temperature

Engine Coolant Temperature

Real-time monitoring and alerts for a vehicle’s engine temperature allows you to save on costly mechanical issues, such as poor fuel economy with engines that are too cold or broken thermostats and cooling systems in engines that are running too hot.

Water in the Diesel

Water in Fuel (diesel only)

Water is incredibly damaging to diesel engines, corroding injectors and quickly causing irreparable damage. Early detection is your best form of protection, as even water separators are not always effective.

Excessive RPM

Excessive RPM

Excessive RPMs, particularly when performed over an extended period of time, not only waste a lot of fuel but can also shorten the life of the vehicle and contribute to more frequent servicing and parts replacement.


Safety Belt

Stay on top of fleet safety with real-time alerts and reporting on driver safety belt use. Helpful for proving driver safety records and investigating infringements or vehicle accidents.



Get an instant alert for an airbag fault, indicating an urgent problem that requires attention. Assist managers to enhance fleet safety and manage employer liability.

Battery Voltage


Monitor a vehicle’s battery voltage. Get instant alerts for a draining battery with low voltage to make sure you’re never stranded.

Excessive Idling

Excessive Idling

With detailed driver idling reports you’ll know which drivers are idling excessively and for how long.



Record each vehicle’s VIN number to assist in stolen vehicle recovery. This also saves time when entering fleet details as vehicle information such as make, model and engine size is recorded automatically.

Driver License (expiring)

Driver License (expiring)

Store and record your team’s driver license expiration dates, ensuring your team is driving with valid and current licenses.

Hard Acceleration/Braking

Hard Acceleration/Braking

Hard Acceleration/Braking is an indicator of driver behavior. Measure ‘hard’ braking events and send alerts/ reports to key stakeholders as part of the Safety Program.

Features born in the real world.

Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis® is a telematics solution that doesn’t have its head in the clouds. It was developed by a company in-touch with the real needs of fleet managers and the challenges they face everyday. It’s a solution packed with features that are designed, developed and thoroughly tested right alongside real users.

It’s web-based so there’s no software to install or upgrade and no backups to be made. It has clever features to help you cope with information overload, such as spatial clustering (to easily group vehicles) and fast access to individual vehicles. Automated reporting and a user-defined alerts system mean you can “set and forget”, and still have your finger on the pulse.


Find Closest Capable Driver

Custom Map Data

Custom Map Overlays

Crew Chief allows custom map overlays to suit your specific business needs. It is compatible with common external GIS applications such as ESRI, and comes with relevant Points Of Interest such as power lines, sewer lines and land use.

Fuel Usage

Fuel Efficiency Module

Monitor real-time fuel tank levels, the fuel consumed by each vehicle and fuel purchases. Compare against average, or expected, fuel efficiency. Fuel card reconciliation reports make it easy to identify theft or card misuse.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery

Enjoy the most current and comprehensive satellite earth imagery commercially available, with new images being collected and uploaded every day. Helpful to verify landmarks and provide context for mapped locations.

Real-time Alert

Real-time Alerts

Valuable business insights at the right time. Get instant alerts for a wide-range of vehicle or driver metrics, such as speeding, unauthorized use, low fuel and oil levels, excessive idling or urgent maintenance.


Turn-by-turn Directions

Enjoy maximum route efficiency as drivers are guided by voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to their next job.

Large Fleet Management

Fast Mapping

With the industry’s fastest web-based mapping system and patent-pending clustering you’ll have easy visualization of thousands of assets on a single screen.

Automated Fleet Reporting

Powerful Automated Reports

Includes a suite of 50+ powerful reports ranging from detailed to high level. Schedule saved reports with one click or set them up to be emailed automatically to your team in the format of your choice.

Speeding Alerts Against Posted Speed

Speeding Alerts

Be alerted when any of your employees drive over the posted speed limit. History reports help validate your fleet’s improved safety record and can often reduce insurance premiums up to 15%.

Crew Management

Fleet, Driver & Team Management

Know exactly when your drivers start their shifts, where they are, how many stops they make and what time they complete their routes. Re-route drivers in real-time to save valuable fuel and time.



Search! quickly finds any vehicle, driver, location or tagged group, improving asset utilization and making fleet management more efficient.

Save on insurance

Insurance Savings

Fleets can qualify for an immediate discount of up to 15% with a participating insurance carrier when buying a commercial auto policy. Safe driving discounts of up to 40% off participating carrier rates are available with subsequent policy renewals.

Vehicle History Trails

Animated Vehicle History Trails

Animated routed history trails delivering more accurate vehicle history. Multiple vehicle history can be shown simultaneously on the same map view and replayed at different speeds.

Maintenance Reporting

Maintenance Reporting

Sophisticated tracking of service history for individual vehicles. Automatic alerts can be set up to instruct fleet managers when to schedule preventative maintenance.

The toolbox that grows with your business.

Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis® recognizes that not all commercial fleets have the same business needs, so offers a range of options to let you choose what suits you best, and grows as your needs change.

Crew Chief can be fitted to your existing fleet vehicles but when installed on selected Ford vehicles (such as pre-ordered Fords from your local Ford dealership) you get even more. Gain additional insight into vehicle performance including airbag faults, tire pressure and oil life percentages (see the Ford Advantage logo below for more).

Feature Breakdown Professional Standard
Real-time Alerts Unlimited 5
Reports Unlimited 10
Command Center Mapping Yes Yes
Animated Vehicle History Trails Yes Yes
Fleet Overview Yes Yes
Search! Yes Yes
Markers (Landmarks) & GeoFences Yes Yes
Fleet, Driver & Team Management Yes Yes
SSL Capable Yes Yes
Advanced Large Fleet Reporting Yes Yes
International Language and Time Zone Support Yes Yes
Satellite Imagery Yes Yes
Maintenance Reporting Yes
Routing with Optimization Yes
Multiple Vehicle History Yes
Traffic Yes
Weather Yes
Who Was Here Yes
Turn-by-turn Directions Yes
Find Closest Capable Driver Yes
User Security Levels and Role-based Hierarchy Yes
Driver Insurance (expiring) Yes
Driver License (expiring) Yes
Vehicle Metrics
MILs (Malfunction Indicator Light) Yes Yes
MPG Fuel Economy Yes Yes
Hard Acceleration/Braking Yes Yes
Driver Safety Belt Ford logo Yes Yes
Odometer Yes Yes
CO2 Emissions Yes Yes
Excessive Idling Yes Yes
Excessive RPM Yes Yes
Water in Fuel (Diesel Only) Ford logo Yes Yes
DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code) Yes
Oil Life (% remaining) Ford logo Yes
Tire Pressure Warning Light Ford logo Yes
Airbag Light Ford logo Yes
Speeding Alerts against Posted Speed Limit Yes
Battery Voltage (LM) Yes
Engine Coolant Temperature Yes
Ford logo Where you see a Ford oval you have a Ford advantage.